BREAKING: 132 National LGBT Community Centers Issue Open Letter on the Orlando Shooting - READ IT HERE

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We are happy to share photos from any events related to the attack in Orlando. Please upload no more than 5 different images. All images will be manually approved before displayed on the website.

  • Images and photos must be ones for which you have permission to post publicly
  • If you wish to credit a photographer, you must include that in the caption.
  • You original images should be as large as possible. We will reduce size and some of the quality when saving them to our server
  • Images should be "landscape" oriented. If not, you may not have an appropriate area to crop
  • We are showing photos in 16:9 ratio which may not permit us to show your whole image. The cropping process will show you what we will save and display.
  • If you need any help getting images to us, you may also contact us directly.

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